Pergola Dimensions

Pergola Dimensions/Components

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Understanding how our vinyl pergolas are measured is easily displayed on this page, but it is a very important factor in finding the perfect pergola for your deck, patio, pool, or outdoor kitchen area. The dimensions of your pergola refer to the area of pergola roof, which has beams and rafters that extend past the pergola columns, rather than by the distance between the pergola columns.

The width and depth will tell you the dimensions your pergola roof will occupy. Width indicates the length of the beams (the supports that sit directly on the posts/columns) and the purlins (shade fixtures). Depth refers to the length of the rafters (which lie crossways on the beams). If you have any questions about our pergola dimensions and measurements, please get in contact with us at 800-352-1672.

freestanding pergola dimensions

This drawing of a freestanding pergola shows the components of your pergola, and how the dimensions are measured.

attached pergola dimensions

This drawing of an attached pergola, one that attaches to a home or building, shows the components and dimension measurements. The trim board is the component that attaches to your home.

Pergola Roof Layers

This drawing displays the beams, rafters, and purlins of your pergola.

12×14 Freestanding

This engineering drawing shows all details of one of our most popular freestanding pergolas. We have CAD drawings available for you for each and every pergola we offer. Contact us to get your drawing today.

Freestanding pergola plan view
Freestanding pergola plan view